March 2018

PPI - commited to earn your business


Recently, we announced that PPI is now an independent subsidiary of iA Financial Group. It is business as usual here at PPI and there is no change to employee roles and responsibilities. So, when you pick up the phone, you’ll talk to the same person and receive the same service and support you have been all these years. All current and planned projects are continuing full speed ahead and we now have even more opportunities to open new markets for you.

After 40 years of dreaming, and building PPI, it was important that we create a home that we choose, one that will continue the PPI values, one that is best for your futures and those of our employees. We remain steadfast in our beliefs and our commitment to you – our Advisors - and to Canadian consumers.

We are committed to continuing to earn the right to your loyalty and to your business.

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We recently updated two of our most popular PPI Toolkit applets – For a Few Dollars More and the Security Needs Analysis Plan (SNAP). These user-friendly programs help explain concepts and product categories to your client and analyze their requirements so you can tailor a plan that’s right just for them.

What’s New in For a Few Dollars More

  • In instances where EquiBuild, with an optimized Integrated Coverage Option (ICO) produces a premium deposit that is less that the comparative T100 product, the program now adjusts the mix of base coverage and ICO to produce a premium deposit that is slightly greater than the T100 product – this creates a more dramatic comparative result in the presentation for EquiBuild and reinforces the extra value that selecting EquiBuild brings to your client’s insurance portfolio

What’s New in SNAP

  • In the Estate Planning section, a flag has been added to identify each “Cash Need at Death” as being permanent or temporary which will help you facilitate conversations on term versus permanent insurance coverage
  • The ability to select your preferred columns has been added in the retirement planning Excel summary so you can focus your conversation on the numbers that are most relevant to your client’s situation

To learn more about how these practical tools can assist you and your clients contact your local PPI Solutions Office.

PPI Valet


When it comes to the investment component of your practice, having more options available can help you further assist your clients in building a successful future. PPI Valet, powered by WealthBar, is a digital wealth management platform designed with exactly this in mind.

PPI Valet allows you to bring an added-value service option to your clients, and includes a range of marketing support and online tools to help you integrate leading-edge robo-advisor technology into your practice. This platform offers exclusive portfolios that are hybrids of exchanged-traded funds (ETF) and Nicola Wealth Management private pools, in various risk categories.

WealthBar has helped thousands of Canadians plan for their future. With easy onboarding, reduced administration, and assured compliance, you can manage your investment business through PPI Valet with a robust dashboard of client information and activity. Plus, your clients will have access to investment options at a cost lower than traditional mutual funds, can check their investments online 24/7, and rest easy knowing their money is taken care of.

Get the Most out of Digital Wealth Management

Elevate your practice – and your clients – into the digital age by following these simple steps:

  1. VISIT to watch a video, read a case study, log in or set up your advisor account
  2. VISIT our advisor website for client-friendly and advisor resources
  3. CONTACT your local PPI Valet Business Development Manager for dedicated training and support to help you get started
  4. SHARE this article and video with your clients who want to manage their investments online

Forgot your PPI Valet site login? Click here then click “Forgot password.”



The full national launch of APEXA for newly contracted and existing advisors came into effect September 2017. To date, we have sent out 424 registration invites to our advisors, including both new and currently contracted ones. We have had an excellent response rate with almost 200 advisors already onboarded.

Overall, the feedback from advisors who have either registered or used APEXA to request contracts has been positive and we have passed this news on to APEXA who will continuously improve the process.

APEXA has now been implemented in all PPI Solutions offices and is now the exclusive system for onboarding new individual or individual corporate advisors. We plan to expand the use of APEXA to include multi-agent corporations in the coming months and we will follow up with advisors who have not yet completed a profile. Learn more about this system and get comfortable with setting your profile up.

These are exciting times around APEXA as we continue to develop and refine what will become the de facto contracting system for the life insurance industry.



If you are looking to move your business into the next phase of its growth or transition into the next chapter of your life, PPI can help you ignite your business potential or pass the torch to your buyer or successor with MatchBook, powered by FindBob. This platform is your online market place where buyers and sellers in the PPI network can find each other in a safe, anonymous, online environment.

Grow Your Business as a Buyer or Successor

Two of the quickest and most effective ways to grow your business is buying and succession, or partnership that leads to succession. If you are looking to further build your practice, let MatchBook help you identify and connect with other advisors also interested in making a change via buying, selling, merging, partnering, business continuity, or succession.

Thinking about the Next Chapter? Find Your Buyer or Successor

If you are thinking about passing the torch to a successor or want to sell your business so you can move into the next chapter in your life, MatchBook can help you find the opportunities you need. Based on a buyer or successor profile that you create, this platform will connect you with other advisors in the PPI network who share your same business values and will invest the time learning about your business so you can have the peace of mind that your clients will be well looked after once you transition out.

Join the Marketplace Today and Find Your Match

Follow these simple steps to get started with building a plan for your future:

  1. WATCH this video to see how MatchBook works
  2. LOG IN to connect with other advisors on MatchBook and find opportunities, or
    SIGN UP to join the more than 335 other advisors who are already on MatchBook
  3. Contact Sylvia Gallo, your MatchBook Customer Success Manager via the Chat bubble at the bottom right of the MatchBook site or schedule a concierge call via FindBob's online calendar
  4. READ how MatchBook can ignite your business potential
  5. VISIT our Matchbook page when you log in at
  6. REGISTER for PPI’s Knowledge Program Course 4: Buying and Selling a Practice – contact your local PPI Solutions office for the next available date in your area
the Knowledge Program


Our goal at PPI is to provide you with the support and service you need in building and managing your business. From marketing to professional development to policy service, we’re ready to meet your individual needs and help you deliver the best to your clients.

One of the many things we value highly is knowledge… sharing knowledge with you. We understand that empowering you means empowering your clients. This is why PPI offers its advisors The Knowledge Program which currently consists of four courses, delivered through multimedia presentations, interactive discussions, and a full package of review material for your reference on an ongoing basis.

• Course 1: The Business Insurance Market

• Course 2: Excelling in the Family Market

• Course 3: Managing Your Compliant Practice

• Course 4: Buying and Selling a Practice

Courses 1 and 2 are offered for a nominal fee to cover printed materials (fees are waived for Advantage Program Members). PPI believes that courses 3 and 4 are critically important for your business so we are offering them to PPI advisors free of charge and encourage you to take them.

VIEW details about each course content and CHECK OUT our advisor calendar for courses scheduled in your area. To learn more about The Knowledge Program, contact your local PPI Solutions office.


We are pleased to offer you a 10% discount on your E&O Insurance from the Advocis Protection Association, available through the PPI Advocis Corporate Partnership Program. In addition, you can take advantage of other premium savings such as APA's 5% Protect Your Practice seminar discount and 15% New Advisor discount (to a maximum combined premium discount of 15%).


Need some material to help explain to your clients how investments can provide a great vehicle for them to grow and protect their retirement savings? This short video describes the benefits and growth potential of segregated funds in terms your clients can understand. Share it with them via email or your social media platform and help them get comfortable in exploring their options with you.


Do you have a life insurance comparison tool that provides you with quick results in just a few clicks? PPI Solutions offers its advisors Compulife which quotes all major Canadian insurers for a variety of products including Level Term, Term to 100, Non-par Whole Life and the minimum premiums for Universal Life products with T100 as the cost of insurance. The easy-to-use web version is available on our secure advisor site and within PPI Toolkit. Need help on how to use it? Contact your local PPI Solutions office to receive an introduction.

Note: If you’re a 2018 Advantage Program Member, you qualify for the desktop version of Compulife which has added features. Contact your Advantage Program Coordinator if you haven’t yet been set up.